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15 Minutes To Happiness

What if, with only a few minutes each day, you could find the secret to happiness?
For decades, Richard Nicholls has been helping people to be happy. Through his no. 1 hit podcast, Motivate Yourself, and in practice as a registered psychotherapist, he specialises in offering effective solutions to real-life problems.

Now, in his first book, Richard shares short, simple exercises, of no longer than 15 minutes, to integrate into your day that are proven to help with happiness and wellbeing.

He cuts through the myths and misconceptions created by self-help guides and looks at the science behind what works and what doesn't when it comes to making ourselves happy. and improving our lives forever.

Previous Episodes

If you’d like to hear more of my podcast series then you can.
This bundle of mp3s goes all the way back to episode 54 and is delivered in a handy feed address for you to copy and paste into your favourite podcast player such as iTunes or Apples Podcast App.

Hypnosis MP3's to purchase from £7.99

De-Stress Yourself

Stress is simply the communication between our mind and body when in situations that seem outside of our control.
We may want to wave a magic wand and make some aspects of our life disappear. But we can’t.
We may have decisions to make but are unsure which is the right thing to do.
Maybe we have too much to do and don’t know what to do first.
Whatever causes our stress it can give us a feeling that there’s possibly something bad about to happen. Whether that’s simply someone judging us or even losing our job.
Either way, that pressure does not feel good and learning how to slow our mind down and see things with a better perspective is a great way to get things done in an efficient way.

Lose Your Fears

The panic response is a normal animal mechanism to help us deal with situations that create the same feelings as danger.
If experiencing it often enough though we can soon learn to dislike the feelings it gives us and even fear it, which becomes Anxiety.
Often called The Fight / Flight response it pumps our heart harder and raises blood pressure in order to get muscle boosting oxygen around the body.
This enables us to either fight whatever it is that's attacking us.
But usually there is nothing to fight. We can’t fight the environment. We can’t fight a job, an accident, a bad decision.
What now? Our instincts only know of one alternative to fight and that is flight! And we all know that running away is not the answer, so what can we do? Well, how about we teach our brain how to cope with the messages and teach our subconscious mind that we do not want these fight or flight responses, and the best way to do that?

Think Positive

Research has shown time and time again that an optimistic attitude results in greater levels of happiness, more motivation and even a boosted immune system!

But letting go of negativity is not all that easy when you've been practising how to be a pessimist for years on end.

Hypnosis helps to speed up the learning process, training the automatic behaviours.

So letting things go doesn't have to be so hard.

Lose Weight

Despite our hunter gatherer ancestors living thousands of years ago the instincts they learnt are often still with us today. These tracks will encourage your subconscious mind to accept that food is not scarce, we no longer need a fat storage, and that low fat, low calorie, healthy food is all our bodies need. And if it’s all we NEED it will become all we WANT, so you can eat as much as you want, because you won’t want much. And that’s the secret to being happy with your attitude to food, changing what you want into all that you need.

Our instincts also tell us that the faster we eat, the more we are going to get. Consciously we know this is ridiculous, but our instinctive subconscious mind is in charge and tells us to eat quickly. Listening to these tracks will encourage you to eat a lot slower, and this will prevent a build up of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is natures feel good chemical, and is produced whenever we do something that our instincts associate with being good for survival, which is why exercise and even sex produces it.
The only problem is if you eat quickly your brain becomes flooded with serotonin and prevents it from working properly. Which is why you do not recognise that you’ve had enough to eat until you’ve finished

How many times have you enjoyed your meal right up to the very last mouthful and then lent back in your chair to relax and felt uncomfortably full? Chances are you could have eaten half of that amount and still felt satisfied. But the serotonin prevented your brain from hearing the message from your stomach that said "STOP!" these tracks will help you to eat slower, meaning that you can enjoy your food a lot more and eat less!

Easy Sleep

About a third of the adult population will suffer with insomnia every year, but experts estimates that only 5% will actually seek help, and instead just get on with their life thinking “That’s just the way I am”. Well you don’t have to be like that. Learning mental relaxation will help you overcome this problem forever.
Both of the tracks in this program can be played in bed if preferred, but Track 1 can be listened to anytime as it contains post hypnotic suggestions. I.e. suggestions given to you in hypnosis that will take effect afterwards.
Track 2 is specifically designed for you to play in bed as it has techniques in it that encourage the correct brain wave frequency of 5 cycles per second that will bring about sleep, it is even more beneficial to use head phones in doing this, although not always practical.
There are many different causes of insomnia, both physical and psychological.
This program is produced in such a way that will help in all situations, whether you’re suffering from stress, are in any pain or suffering with hormonal problems.

Motivate Yourself

In essence, Motivation is the internal impulse to take action. It is the feeling triggered within that compels you to do something. From brushing your teeth in the morning to following through on your lifelong goals and dreams, motivation is at the root of every action you take. Without motivation, the progress of the world would come to a grinding stop. Nothing could improve for every individual capable of working toward change would lack the motivation to move forward with their plans.
On a more personal note, progress within your own life would be impossible without the motivation to do something about what you wanted. Your health, career, money, relationships...nothing would move forward without an internal drive.

It’s important to have a goal or something to aim for in order to feel motivated.
This program will help you obtain your goal if you currently do not have one and help you move towards making it reality.

Quit Smoking

You may not have realised it, but every smoker has the ability to switch off cravings when they want to.

Have you ever been on a plane or a train where you’ve been unable to smoke?
Chances are it didn’t bother you until you were coming to the very end of the journey when your expectation for a cigarette starts.

So, you know you can control your cravings, and I’ll show you how to switch them off for good.

Track 1 is specifically designed to teach your instincts that smoking is part of your past.
Track 2 is an extra session designed to encourage better lung function.

Get Confident

None of us are born confident, it’s something we learn how to do, like learning to walk, or learning to tie our shoelaces, unfortunately it’s almost as easy to forget it too, so we need to remember and maybe relearn.

The more you are demonstrating to yourself how good you can feel in certain situations, the more relaxed you will be the next time, and the next time etc…..

These 2 tracks are designed firstly to rid yourself of the old labels, and replace it with new labels.
And secondly to create links and associations with positive emotion.
In the same way that you can walk down a street, smell perfume on someone and be reminded of something that happened years and years ago, hypnosis can create new links.
So, you will be asked during track 2 to imagine a past event where you felt good about yourself, and we can draw on the emotion you felt then so that it’s available now.

Improve Self Esteem

Our history of self-esteem begins as children, and follows us throughout our lives; it effects all our decisions and, like a garden, needs constant tending.

Almost everyone can identify when they’re on top of the world, enjoying the benefits of high self-esteem. However, experts have theorised that high self-esteem can also act as a cushion for those times when life lets us down. Rejections, disappointments and failure are a part of daily life.

Life isn’t always fair; and even our best efforts aren’t always successful.
But high esteem can assist a person in ‘weathering the storm’ and help us get through life’s downturns.

Specifically, this program is designed to encourage a positive attitude and to help you value yourself highly, it can help you become more convinced of your own abilities and help you to see yourself as competent, in control of your own life and better able to achieve your goals.