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About Richard

My interests in personal development go back to when I was quite young.
As a teenager I was hugely interested in radio and imagined myself growing up and working as a local radio DJ or at least making jingles somewhere.
So to get some experience in doing this when I was 16 I joined a local Hospital Radio station. Now, the first thing Hospital Radio do with new volunteers is put them on the wards to talk to the patients.

Hospitals are not the most pleasant of environments and if you were able to stick it out for a few hours then they knew you had enough commitment to be allowed into the studio.
I found that although I enjoyed making the radio programmes I was spending more and more time on the wards talking to the patients instead, and would be there often until the nurses threw me out.
The reason for this was because whilst I was chatting to a patient and listening to them rattle on about Jim Reeves or their Grandchildren they were ignoring the pain in their foot / eye / wenis.

Interestingly what I also found is that when the nurses came round to dish out the night time medication, to determine how much pain relief they needed the nurses always asked "How much pain are you in Mr Smith?" to which Mr Smith would spend a moment or 2 looking for pain, and when he found it he would often say "The same as last night." And then proceed to complain about the pain in his foot / eye or wenis. Despite not having mentioned it to me in all the time we were talking about Jim Reeves.

So when I suggested that the nurses ask people how comfortable they were instead, we found that patients needed less pain relief, as they were looking for comfort instead of pain.
This is what began my interest in hypnosis, as I was getting a good understanding about how language can influence the way that we think and feel.
So I spent some time learning about hypnosis and relaxation exercises, not really thinking of turning into a career as I was going to a radio DJ wasn't I?
That was until the radio industry in the UK began to get more and more awful. Presenters were not allowed personalities and everyone had to sound the same and say the same things. Which not only didn't sit right with me, it was also dull and boring and nowhere near as much fun as my childhood dreams told me it was going to be.

So what to do?

Well, the next step was to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. But, as a young man in my early 20's, it seemed strange to think of myself making a career as a Therapist as a majority of people who would want help would be twice my age.

Fortunately, I was always one of the lucky few that was never asked for ID in a pub and even on my 18th Birthday a colleague in his late 20's did say to me "My God, you've had a hard life, I thought you were older than me."

And so, receding hairline and greying eyebrows in tow, I trained in Hypnosis And Psychotherapy, added 10 years onto my age if anyone asked, and took the plunge to start my new career.

Since then I have been working as a Hypnotherapist in Hinckley at Meridian Healthcare and in Tamworth at The Cottage Healing Centre.
I have also held Executive Committee positions on various Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Organisations. I was Development Director within The National Council for Hypnotherapy and more recently I was invited to take on the role of Chair of The National Society of Hypnosis Psychotherapy & Mindfulness

I have great enthusiasm for personal development and love showing people that just because that's the way they've always been it doesn't mean it's the way they always will be.