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The Podcast!

As a one to one therapist I wanted to give my patients something else to do in-between their sessions and so the Motivate Yourself Podcast was born.
It was originally not for the public and only my patients had access to it. But, after a few years, podcasting became more popular and so I released it upon the world via iTunes.
Nowadays there are many ways to listen to it.
Or listen through the website itself!
The links to each episode are below.

However you listen, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and if you have any questions please do get in touch.
Take Care
Richard Nicholls
“Luckily stumbled upon.
Just fancied a change from the normal comedy podcast I get ... And I found Richard... He keeps me entertained, challenges my thoughts and helped me see another viewpoint ... Keep up the good work Richard ... 5 stars all round !!”

“10 / 10. These podcasts are the best of their kind. I have read many self help books over the years and generally find they repeat themselves and rehash old ideas.
Richard Nicholls presents fresh, original and challenging ideas in his podcasts and in a truly down to earth and honest fashion.
Just brilliant. 10/10”

Nick M Davies
“This is a gem in the podcast world! Richard engages you right from the start and channels your thinking into a positive direction.
His content is thought provoking and refreshing.
I come away from listening to every episode with a new view of things. It's just great!”

“Grand podcast, each filled with a little motivation and a bit of psychology behind each topic covered.
An interesting listen which I enjoy every month, oh yes, oh yes, so motivated, oh yes. Really enjoyed the weekly ones”

“I have listened to all your podcasts over two days, really enjoyable and thought provoking.
Maybe we could have an extra long podcast in December as an early Christmas present?”

Jo from Surbiton
“After a year of stress, depression and medication, I decided to try and motivate myself and try and gain a more productive outlook. I listen to a podcast or 2 on my way to work. I have a stressful job, but now have a more positive outlook on everything from my job, to my health. Easy to listen to, like you’re just having a chat, and gives you a lot of things to help change your mindset. All I can say is ‘Thank You’, you’ve motivated me to motivate others and some of your ideas have been taken into my group therapy too. If you’re having or waiting for therapy, listen to this also, it will really help. Keep it going :-)”

Wobbs 1701
“Listened today for the first time and applied one of the techniques to control pre exam nerves, worked like a dream!
Thanks so much.”

“Listened to two podcasts of Motivate Yourself so far.
My first was the recent ‘media’ one -- pretty insightful.
I like how there is quite a bit of variety within each podcast, lots of different research stats etc.
Have subscribed and ‘liked’ the
Motivate Yourself Facebook page.”

“Excellent Podcasts. Richard has an ‘up-beat’ tone to his voice that keeps you listening and motivated. Inspirational, interesting and refreshing :-)”

Really enjoying this podcast.
Common sense, humour and personal development.
Richard you are amazing”

Just started listening to these and it really perked me up, planning to listen to all the older entries and keep improving :D
Keep up the good work Richard”

“A massive help in No-booze November!
Came across this randomly from my base in Beijing, and it’s proving a massive help and comfort in a month I’m trying to make more thoughtful, a little less about instant gratification.
Thanks Richard, what a wonderful resource.”

Mindful Mandy
“Fantastic! Just discovered this wonderful podcast.
Already hooked.”

Arron Claydon
“I always listen to your podcast just before going to sleep.
I find I can reflect on what you have said. I have emailed and was impressed by your response and will be starting one to one hopefully after Christmas when I am fully recovered from an operation.
Keep up the good work”

Very good podcast, listen to it before I go to sleep as it helps me to relax. Gives different ways of dealing with everyday emotions.
Fantastic keep it up!!”

Katie Pickard

Episode List

Episode 138: Keeping Up With The Joneses
Episode 137: The Likeable You
Episode 136: Why It's OK To Be A Loser
Episode 135: The Psychology Of Extremism
Episode 134: Are You A Lobster?
Episode 133: Critical Thinking
Episode 132: There Is Nothing Either Good Or Bad
Episode 131: The For And Against Of Imagination
Episode 130: Loneliness & Social Networks
Episode 129: Letting Go Of The Past
Episode 128: What Is Love?
Episode 127: Procrastination
Ep. 126: Who Were You Before The World Changed You?
Episode 125: Stop Saying "Sorry"
Episode 124: Emotional Contagion
Episode 123: Patience
Episode 122: Building On Your Foundations
Episode 121: Dealing With The Critics
Episode 120: Being Assertive. Just Say No!
Episode 119: Inactivity
Episode 118: Social Functioning & Evolution
Episode 117: Unleash Your Inner Superhero
Episode 116: Goals, Values and Priorities
Episode 115: 10 Tips To A Happier Life
Episode 114: Lies And Confabulation
Episode 113: Confirmation Bias
Episode 112: Are You An Imposter?
Episode 111: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Episode 110: Are New Years Resolutions a good idea?
Episode 109: The African Violet Queen Of Milwaukee
Episode 108: Reframing
Episode 107: Spiders And Behaviourism
Episode 106: Practise Makes Perfect
Episode 105: Fear Of Flying
Episode 100 - 104: Happiness
Episode 99: Body Image And The Media
Episode 98: Evolution and Adaptation
Episode 97: Reflections And Regrets.
Episode 96: Dealing With Fear
Episode 95: Confidence
Episode 94: Enthusiasm
Episode 93: Tips To Relieve Christmas Stress
Episode 92: Dealing With Change
Episode 87 - 91: Self Esteem
Episode 86: Correlation Does Not Imply Causation
Episode 85: The Importance Of Being Lazy
Episode 84: Elephant Chains
Episode 83: Eating Bananas And Setting Goals
Episode 82: Ignoring The Media And Listening To Music
Episode 81: Awakening The Instincts
Episode 80: The Fine Line Between Love And Hate
Episode 79: The Best Medicine
Episode 78: A New Start
Episode 77: Time Distortion
Episode 76: Making Decisions
Episode 75: What's In A Name?
Episode 74: Pushing Ourselves Further
Episode 73: Conformity
Episode 72: Purpose
Episode 71: Perspective
Episode 70: Expectation
Episode 69: The Mind / Body Link
Episode 68: Overcoming Shyness
Episode 67: Mood Boosting
Episode 66: Sabotaging your goals
Episode 65: Self Talk
Episode 64: Money Makes The World Go Round
Episode 63: First Impressions Count
Episode 62: False Belief
Episode 61: Absolutes
Episode 60: The Psychology of feeling calm
Episode 59: Belief
Episode 58: Anchoring Emotions
Episode 57: Negativity and Perspective
Episode 56: Health And Happiness
Episode 55: Imagination vs Reality
Episode 54: Change