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Motivate Yourself 98: Evolution and Adaptation

All of the species on this planet that didn't become extinct are here because at some point in their history one family became more suited to their environment in some way. They adapted to their circumstances.
The families that didn't adapt died out, because their environment changed and they didn't change with it.

Now this obviously happened quite slowly, both the changes of the species and the changes in the environment. But what it shows us is that change is natural.
But quicker changes happen in society than happen in nature, so we notice these changes a lot easier and if we don't adapt ourselves then we're going to struggle, because the people that do change will get stronger and the ones that don't, get weaker.

Because this happens to us all at some point in our lives.
It might start with changing schools and making new friends, and as we grow we change jobs, we move house. We might grieve for our old life and I think that's normal, but we need to accept that our environment has changed.

By accepting that our life is changing and accepting that the anxiety that changing gives us is normal it allows us to move along with the change, embrace it and soon enough the change has become the norm and it no longer feels wrong.

I don't notice the glasses on my nose anymore, and I don't notice the shoes on my feet. But I bet I did at one time and if I'd have taken off my shoes and glasses and told myself I couldn't handle the change I dread to think what i'd have trodden in!
If we want to survive in this world then there's no place for stubbornness and negativity.
Becoming paralysed in an accident for example is a massive change, but look at people like Matt Hampson. If you don't know who he is "Hambo" was a Rugby player who had played for Nuneaton, Bedford, Leicester Tigers, England under 18s and was ready for the under 21's but was left paralysed from the neck down and only able to breathe through a ventilator after a scrum accident in training back in 2005.
Matt Hampson
But despite being a quadriplegic he's now a coach at Oakham Rugby Club, writes for the Leicester Mercury’s Sporting Green and is probably more well known for starting a charity for injured sports players. He is an absolute Inspiration and motivation to everyone who knows his story, and I'm willing to bet that he wouldn't change a thing.
He started playing rugby when he was 5 years old. and if he could go back in time, in his wheelchair and speak to that little boy, would he tell him to never play Rugby? or would he tell him that one day his life will change for what looks like the worse but he will face it head on and be amazingly successful.

Now, if as a human we are capable of adapting to even this sort of huge change, it puts it into perspective when we have to move house or simply extend our comfort zone a little so that we can boost our confidence.

So for changes in things that go on in our mind, the way we view the world, the healthier perspective to money and happiness these things can be done in an instant as it is simply a conscious process. but it takes an unconscious process to turn into a belief, a feeling rather than just a knowledge.
That takes a little perseverance but all the research points to daily repetition for less than a few months to make that happen.
But even if something takes a year, and you start today in a years time you'll be very glad that you did!
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