Motivate Yourself 84: Elephant Chains

I recently read an article about the 2015 ban on wild animals in circuses and it reminded me about a psychological process that I call 'Elephant Chains'.

Baby elephants are trained to stand still by being chained to a post.

They pull and pull but are unable to break the chains, so eventually they stop trying.

As fully grown elephants they can easily break the chains, but the trainers only need to slip a thin rope around the elephant's ankle to remind the elephant of how stuck it felt as a baby and it immediately stands still as if unable to move.
Hence the phrase "An elephant never forgets". Sad, but true.

As humans we can develop our own "Elephant Chains", if at a young age we associate "something" with a feeling then even years later that "something" will fire off the feeling again.
It could be a trigger for a lonely or abandoned feeling, a stupid feeling or an anxious feeling. It could be anything.

But it's worth looking to see if we have any of our own "Elephant Chains" that stop us from doing the things we want to do. After all we're fully grown elephants now and we can break our chains easily!

Take care
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