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Episode 127: Procrastination

There are many reasons why we procrastinate, often though it’s because of our inner dialogue.
It could be that we look at the end result as being unrealistic or, going back to my previous episode, we label ourselves as as an underachiever or lazy.

If your inner dialogue suggests to you that your end result is for other people, not for someone like you then challenge it.
Everyone has doubts but if there’s one thing you can guarantee it is that the ones that don’t succeed in their goals are the ones that listen to that internal voice and allow it to hold them back.
The successful characters are those that hear the doubts in their mind but still take the steps to move forward despite it.

With most goals it’s always best to break them down into manageable sizes.
Having just 1 deadline or one huge goal is like an invitation to procrastinate, whether that’s writing a dissertation, losing weight or getting a new job if all you do is focus on the end result you’re less likely to reach it.
So break it all down into something easier to manage.

People who procrastinate tend to have a combination of high expectations and self doubt, which is a recipe for disaster. They fear failure AND they fear proving themselves right. It’s worth looking at why you might put all that pressure on yourself.
What are you afraid of?
Is it failure?

Because if it is then it’s worth noting that failing doesn’t mean doing it and it not working out, failure means not even trying in the first place!

Depending on what it is you’re putting off and procrastinating about it can sometimes be appropriate to change your environment. Working from home can sometimes be little too comfortable in order to get work done.
I speak from experience here because when writing these articles I ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS get more work done when I do it at one of my clinics than I do when sitting at home.
There’s research that shows that even leaving the house and working from a Coffee Shop for a few hours makes us more productive.

Look at any specific pit falls.
Do you check your emails too often? If so turn the program off for a few hours.
Social networking can be a big drain on our time, so occasionally ask yourself “Will my life be any better for looking at this?”
Facebook and the like may be useful for keeping up with what’s happening in popular culture but set some specific time aside so that it no longer interrupts your life.
You can prevent yourself from having a sneaky peak by logging out. It takes an extra few seconds to have to log back in again next time and gives you the opportunity to say “STOP, what am I doing?”

There’s a phrase I like “Nothing is any easier tomorrow than it is today” if you say that to yourself it will remind you to get your hands out of your pockets and do what needs to be done.

It’s really easy to find reasons why you can’t do something.

“I could go for a run but it looks like it might rain”
“What if i miss an important phone call”
“What if it won’t make any difference to my health anyway”

A better attitude would be “So what if it rains, it’ll stop me getting overly hot and uncomfortable”. If you miss an important phone call then they’ll call you back, after all it was an important phone call.
Yes, going for one run probably won’t make any difference to your health, but it helps create a good habit which absolutely WILL improve your health.

After all, just because things are difficult, doesn’t make them impossible!

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