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Motivate Yourself 116: Goals, Values and Priorities

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I saw a rant on Facebook a few weeks ago from another therapist, making a public outburst about the plus-size model Tess Holliday.
Now Tess is very overweight, she’s a size 26, and will obviously have some massive health problems if things don’t change, but being that shape and size is part of her identity and that isn’t going to change in a rush.

His rant was about the fact that a lot of society is normalising the extremes.
And I can understand his frustration because normal as it has become lately to be in a room of 10 people 7 of which are overweight and 2 of them are scared that they will be if they’re not careful, its not a good idea to have being overweight as part of your identity.
Because when working toward any goal you need to make sure that you value the end result.

The therapist who had the rant about Tess Holliday actually had a bit of a dig at one of my friends once.
My friend is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who helps clients with, amongst many things, weight issues. Now my friend is quite well known within the profession, and is also quite overweight.

So this guy had a rant about my friend not practising what he preaches and criticised him in social media for seeing weight loss clients when he so obviously can’t lose weight himself.
Thing is, my friend does not want to lose weight, he doesn’t value it, it isn’t important to him and expensive lunches and good beer is.

So if you have a similar mindset make sure you become aware of it, because otherwise your priorities will hold you back.

I remember watching a TV programme a few years ago about weight loss and it was presented by a female journalist who had struggled with her weight for a long time and she specialised in making programmes about being overweight.
I thought to myself “She’s not going to lose much weight if she thinks she’ll be out of work when she does.”

If she doesn’t get her head around the idea that she can still keep working when she’s lost weight then being overweight will be more important to her than being slimmer.
She valued her career more than being slim.
That was probably OK for her as she wasn’t massively overweight but some people are, to the point where its actually dangerous. Tess Holiday is in that camp unfortunately, and because she’s famous for being an overweight model you don’t have to be too cynical to see what would happen to her if she was to lose weight.
Its probably fair to say that the modelling agency would dump her like a month old newspaper.
So there’s a fair chance that Tess Holiday values being overweight more than being healthy and if she considers losing weight she may find she struggles somewhat.

So you can see how important valuing our goals can be.

If there’s something that you feel a bit stuck with it could be that there’s something about the end result that you don’t really value.
So look closer!
You may find that there’s a lot more to that end result, and maybe there’s plenty that you DO actually value and realising it can help motivate you along.

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