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Motivate Yourself 107: Spiders And Behaviourism

Over the last few weeks I've seen an increasing number of clients with a fear of spiders, it seems that a bit of warm weather is creating jumbo sized house spiders.

And with a reported half of all women, and 10 percent of all men having some degree of anxiety about them it is no surprise that people are picking up the phone to ask for help.

But how can can Arachnophobia be successfully treated?

Well, what you need to know firstly is that there is little or no difference in the way your brain handles fact from fiction.

Whether something is real or simply imagined, your brain will process the information in the same way, hence why only thinking that there is a spider around can elicit the same response as actually seeing one.

Our mind is very powerful, and if we expect a feeling to arise, then it usually does, even if we don't want it to. All because of our expectations.

Our expectations have a lot to answer for as they can control a heck of a lot, but expectations are just our imagination looking at the past to predict the future and is not based on reality.

Because of this, we can use our imagination to learn how to feel calmer around spiders without having to actually do it for real.

Coupling this with Hypnosis has an even better response, in the same way that listening to a piece of music or recognising a familiar smell can bring back feelings and emotions you can use the comfort and relaxation that often comes with Hypnosis to begin associating spiders with feeling calm and in control rather than anxious.

Once you have some element of control over your fear you begin to feel more confident that you aren't going to have a panic attack about a spider being in your room, and so your expectations change.

If you take a look
here there is a program that can also help you to become desensitised to spiders by using images.
Every step of the program will help you to handle looking at and thinking about spiders, and you can do it at your own speed taking as little as a day or as long as a year to complete it.

And if you feel that you need a bit of 1 to 1 help with this click
HERE to make an appointment.
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