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Thank You!

Thanks for purchasing, or at least considering purchasing, my MP3 downloads.
Once purchased you will receive an email with a link to download your purchase.
It should have been sent instantly, let our support team know if you get a problem, but check your junk mail folder first just in case!
Even if you’ve bought a single Hypnosis track, each purchase will be compressed into a single zip file to make it easier to download.
Most modern PC’s will decompress (unzip) the tracks just by double clicking the folder, what you do with the mp3’s after that is up to you.
The fact that you have the technology to listen to my Podcast means you’re already pretty well clued up on how to listen to audio files, but just in case……
If you’ve purchased my previous episodes then watch this quick video of me showing how to use Apple’s Podcast App to listen to them.

How to listen to mp3’s

iTunes is quite a good way to listen to mp3’s as well as a great way to subscribe to my Podcast series.
Once you’ve downloaded the compressed file and unzipped the tracks you can drag and drop them into iTunes to sync to any mobile device. Best of all it’s free!

Windows media player does come preinstalled with Windows PC’s and will do a good job of transferring tracks to your MP3 player but isn’t quite as useful as iTunes in my opinion.

Not that you need a mobile MP3 player to enjoy my downloads, you can just as easily listen to them directly from your PC if you wish, by simply double clicking the MP3 file.

But what if you don’t use a computer and you stumbled across my Podcast series on a mobile device and would like to buy some previous episodes or a nice relaxing set of Hypnosis sessions.
Well, that may depend on the device you use. Chances are it’s either an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad or it’s a device that runs Android software like a Galaxy Tablet.

Be patient when downloading though.
Small devices are much slower at downloading stuff than computers are, so it may take a while. The hypnosis products usually take around 5 minutes.

iPads and iPhones.
From iOS7 Apple made the decision that only music purchased through their Apple iTunes store can be downloaded directly to iPhones and iPads and played through the Music App.
So, without a computer, you’ll need a different App in order to listen to audio purchased from anywhere else. Hence why even a single mp3 is in a zip format in order for the device to allow it to be downloaded.

A good App for downloading and listening to your purchase is the Skyjos GDrive App.
Once installed (it’s free) click the link in your email from me and wait for your file to download. It should then give you the option to Open In…
Tap Open in and then select GDrive.
Your file can be unzipped by simply tapping it and selecting Unarchive. Tap the newly created folder and the MP3s are all inside it ready to be played with just a tap of a finger.

You can do the same with an Android device, but if you want to use your device’s native music player app your best bet is probably to use Androzip.
If you click the link in your email it should download the zip file to your device’s downloads folder.

Once downloaded, open up Androzip, navigate to your downloads folder and tap on the zip file.
Tap Extract to… and navigate to where you keep your music library.
Tap the Extract Here button that appeared at the top right of the folder list and the MP3s will then be playable in your Music Player.

It would be a good idea to then delete the original zip file to save space on your device.
Watch this video of me demonstrating how to use the GDrive App to unzip files and play mp3’s.
If you’ve purchased a private feed of previous episodes, then you can probably listen in the same way that you listen to the free episodes.

If you use iTunes on a computer click File then Subscribe to Podcast… paste in your private feed address and there you are.
If you use Apples Podcast App copy the address from your email to your devices clipboard open up the Podcast App, click the + button on the top left and paste in your feed address.
Ta Dah! It’s that simple. But there’s a video at the top of this page if you missed it showing you exactly what to do.

Do get in touch with our support team if you have any problems though.
If you’d like to become a private client of mine, whether face to face or via Skype / FaceTime, email and we can discuss how I can help you.