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I’ve been given an award!

14th June 2014
June 2014 - The Hypnos Award
I put myself in the firing line a few years ago concerning the lack of regulation in the UK concerning Hypnotherapy.
Some Hypnotherapy members organisations were willing to acknowledge a therapist as qualified whether they had completed a course that met national occupational standards or not. Some had received no actual training at all and in fact had qualified only by reading a course manual which contained their diploma.
I called them out publicly, made a lot of noise and upset many people.
But it woke them up!
Those organisations now insist on their therapists meeting the minimum standards that were set by the profession 14 years ago back in 2000.
Although I certainly can’t take full responsibility for that, there were many other people shouting about it too. I just (rather rudely really) pointed at specific organisations and criticised them until they tried to sue me for defamation.
Emphasis on ‘tried’.
But it helped get the ball rolling.
Because of this I was given an award at this years International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference in London!
Presented by Shaun Brookhouse & Fiona Biddle of the National Society of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, it’s called The Hypnos Award and is awarded in recognition of services to the Hypnotherapy profession.
It’s great to be recognised and I’m thrilled and honoured to be a part of shaping the future of Hypnotherapy in the UK.
Thank you!